Polyline editor with CSV output

Api v2.111 gave us a nifty option to edit GPolylines MyMaps way.

Search your start location:

Draggable Context Menu

'singlerightclick' opens a popup menu that is a GDraggableObject

CSV vertex list

CSV formatted text files have been used for placing markers but why not for polylines too.

The format lng,lat (longitude first) comes from GPS equipment csv 'standards'.

The text field updates by map 'dblclick'.

update by 'lineupdated' too.

select all and copy/paste where it belongs.

When you came back later to edit a file you created earlier:

Paste your file to the text field and click [Draw from text field]

Rightclick on map and select [Go on editing]

A comment to be dragged on text field:

Experiment index

Map coming...